Cultura kosher y judía estadounidense en “Indignación” de Philip Roth



Palabras clave:

Kosher, judío, cultura, américa, Estados Unidos, derecho, religión


Objective: Abstract: “Kosher” is a word used to illustrate the food laws of Jewish people. It’s a traditional Jewish law for food. For Jews, it’s more than food
consumption with safety. It’s regarding religious beliefs and traditions. Jews follow proper guidelines of Kosher and give the compulsion to food to be reckoned Kosher.
The English word “Kosher” is derived from the Hebrew root “Kasher”, which means to be pure, proper, or suitable for consumption. Kashrut is a charter that renders the foundation for kosher dietetic rule and is established inside ‘Torah’ which is a Jewish sacred book. Kosher dietetic rules are including all and produce a strict structure of rules and regulations which gives a sketch of foods allowed or prohibited. It also determines how foods allowed should be made, refined, and fixed before eating. The paper illustrates kosher law and food among American-Jewish people and their determination
towards their religious beliefs in American land, which is not their motherland, with analysis from Philip Roth’s novel Indignation. This paper also ascertains
Jewish culture into the outlook of American culture which ends with a cultural clash referring to historical consequences.


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